Online Programs: Student Services

When a student needs help or advice on various topics, ITT Tech provides support through various resources.

  • Academic questions about a course - Your instructor
  • Academic support - Virtual Library
  • Program questions - Director of Instructional Operations
  • Career/Employment - National Director of Career Services
  • Financial Aid - National Director of Finance
  • Other issues - Director of Instructional Operations

Our goal at ITT Technical Institute is to help you succeed.

Our Career Services Department can begin helping you find graduate employment two academic quarters prior to your scheduled graduation from your program of study. The career services offered begin as soon as you enter a program and continue long after graduation.

The Career Services Department offers students assistance in such areas as:

  • How to be a successful job seeker
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • How to articulate your skills in an interview
  • Resume tips
  • How to negotiate a salary
  • How to keep the job obtained
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Locating firms and geographic areas offering employment related to your program of study

Please refer to the school catalog for more Career Services information.

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